These past two week’s,I’ve been everywhere and done everything except being consistent and that was because my blog was taken down due to spam issues. Up until I have no idea how it got to that point because to an extent everything was under control and all of a sudden I went online one day but couldn’t find my blog…. I was distorted y’all but thankfully it’s all in the past now.
It hasn’t really been a good experience but with the help of a friend who happens to be a really good Tech expert, i have my blog back.
Although I’m working hard on getting my previous posts back I can’t be too upset about the whole thing. I am just thankful it’s back and that the situation is alot more better than it was few weeks ago.

Hopefully this whole craziness going on with me and this blog will be over soon and I can just go back to posting normally without having to deal with spammers.

Secondly, i have series of exams coming up which will be ending sometime in April, I actually wrote an examination today and with regards to that, I won’t be able to post more frequently but after my exams, y’all better get ready for me.

I really wanted you guys to know what has been going on and perhaps be a little patient with me.

That90schick …

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