It was that time of the year, sometime in the month of july when every student in the country had to go back home or wherever they choose for the long vacation (summer holiday).

Everyone was super ecstatic about the holiday i mean who wouldnt? i know everyone loves holidays but there was something different about this one, it was the summer break guys…. the holy grail of all holidays i mean whaaat? okay… I might be exaggerating a little bit but it was a really good time and this was the only time for students to actually unwind and have fun.
Reminiscing about the lousy moments most of those course representatives always put their classmates through, everyone was over the moon and hyped about this break, you have no idea.

Knowing that The whole stress of submitting assignments, writing tests and waking up early for classes that end up not being held was going to be over soon gave us the best feeling in the world that no one even cared the break would last for only a month.

Everyone was highly busy dusting luggages, doing laundry or looking cute, i for one did laundry the other week and already packed my luggages like two days ago (your girl was ready to move) but knowing who my friend temi was and how sad she was about this break i had to go check up on her.

For temi this whole break ginger and freshness was in her words “much ado about nothing” it wasn’t really a big deal, which i clearly understood because if i was in her shoes, Boo! I would have felt the same way or even worst,i’m sure she must have thought of attending a summer class. if she had a chance of staying back in school while every other person was at home, i bet she’d take it.

So, Apart from being the only female child to mr and Mrs ayo, temi was a highly bored single naija girl living with her parents in the commercial city of lagos, Nigeria.

Living in a big mansion,with a total of 5 protective brothers and a traditionally brought up nigerian parents might sound like a story of a princess in her castle but as long as temi was concered it was a living nightmare.
Being an only daughter in the mist of five brothers wasn’t an easy job you can only imagine temi’s predicament with trying to juggle her social life together with being a full time chef to her brothers and parents.
Me as a portharcout girl, was super happy to land the beautiful city of “pitakwa”which was the slang used to refer to portharcout because I missed the just concluded annual bole and fish festival which I wanted to attend so badly,if you know anything about portharcout, you would know they make the most delicious bole and fish. So I had alot to plan for asides other dope events.

The only thing I had on my mind was getting myself a well prepared bole and fish and of course getting the best banging outfit for Davido’s concert which was scheduled for the next week.

Just as I was done giving temi the moral support she needed and accessing my best outfits i had for the Davido’s gig my phone rang, it was my dad calling to inform me he and my mum were travelling to Enugu state for the holidays and that i would have to be home alone except I decide going with the both of them to Enugu.

My heart skipped for a second, as I kept praying silently that my mum doesn’t suggest I also travel to enugu because she definately isn’t leaving me home alone anytime soon or even in this life time or ever “and No dont think that, I was a good kid” but you know how paranoid parents always are.

i was still thinking of what do suggest when temi’s mum called,she was asking for some details to book her flight when temi added ” am bringing a friend over mum” and she replied perfect as long as that “friend” is a girl and we both smiled cos we kind of expected that reply.

At this point I had no other option it was either temi’s place or Enugu and I had no plans of travelling to enugu this summer and by the way catching a flight to Lagos for the first time didn’t sound like a bad idea either.
Then i thought,wait a minute, Instead of struggling with these bus conductors at the bus terminal as to how much I would have to pay for my luggage after paying #8,000 Naira for transport and also the passengers for not wanting to adjust or sit properly i could just go with temi and have the “AYO family experience” so I told my parents I would be staying at temi’s place until they returned and after alot of back and forths they agreed but I kept beating my self over the concert I was going to miss and just hoped it was for a good course.

Two days later, we left school very early and headed straight to the airport. Unreaching the airport wahala started the flight that was meant to leave by 8:00 am was moved to 12:00 pm due to weather issues, i and temi had no problems with that because we weren’t in a hurry and secondly if every bodies life has to be in the hands of the pilot they better get everything on that flight right.
Mean while, alot was going on at the back and some passengers were no having it with the airport officials. On hearing the news of the delay some of the passengers began to vibrate,calling the officers different types of names and calling out the management for poor customer service.

while some of the elderly passengers were doing the calling out, one of the guys that sat very close to me who i was actually starting to admire decided to spoil everything by almost fighing with one of the security guys for no serious reason.
For about five minutes I was trying to imagine what the security guy had to do with the delayed flight.
In fact it was world war 2 all over again….
I and my friend temi were just siping a bottle of soft drink and getting ourselves entertained by the activities going on that i didn’t realise when I fell asleep.
Later on i woke up and few hours later it was time to board….

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