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So,I decided to write this post on skin health because, I enjoy talking about good skin health and luckily for me i’ve learnt a thing or two about skin health,basically from my experiences,reading journals,from biomedical school and of course the internet.
I hope you enjoy it and hopefully you find it useful.
The idea of having a flawless skin can never be over emphasized mostly among the ladies,but the reality is there is no such thing as a “perfect” skin,you can have a healthy skin though but not “perfect”. Every skin goes through breakouts such as acne,blemishes,hyperpigmentions and so on but it varies from mild to severe depending on your skin type. Although it could get worst when it’s that time of the month,you could have breakouts from using certain skin products harsh to your skin type.

Precisely i have combination skin and its really a complicated skin type because its the combination of 2 or more skin types.
Each skin has it’s specific symptoms and characteristics that you can know about from your dermatologists and also by reading e-books online that are related to skin health,which will help you identify your skin type.

The skin constitutes mainly of genetic contents which are obviously inherited from our parents but certain habits could change the skin condition either from good to bad or vise versa,therefore knowing and understanding your skin type would make it easier for you to treat any skin condition when the need arises and thereby achieving clear and healthy skin that would last you a lifetime.
1.wash your face twice a day morning and night to remove dirt and makeup.
2.keep your hands away from the face to avoid transfer of bacteria from the hand to the face.
3.clean your makeup brushes,pillows and face towel often.
4.use high quality skin products or don’t use any at all.
5.stop popping your pimples for a month and watch the difference….
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