After standing on that queue for more than 30 minutes just to get checked in, I was begining to wonder if I and temi made the best decision of travelling on that day. The officer incharge was so slow and sluggish,my goodness! and made sure he used his garret to search every dept of the belonging everyone had on. It took him pratically five minutes to search a passenger and there were over two hundred passegers.
As at fifteen minutes into the boarding time I and temi were no where close to the first fifty passengers, and at this point I was pissed! You could tell by just looking at my face but I couldn’t do anything about it so, I just had to keep it cute and be a little more patient.

Some other passengers as far back on the queue as I and temi where, had to find a near by sit closest to the queue, trust me you don’t want to move too far away from your spot on that queue because you might end up being the last person on the queue when you return.
Bearing this in mind they all found the best spot where they could sit and wait while the crowd reduced, but knowing fully well how aggresive my fellow Nigerians can be especially in public, I decided to respect myself by just standing there and enduring the leg pain because, on top of being annoyed I was in no mood to have an argument about who the original owner of any spot on that queue was.

I was busy taking notes of the announcements,flight number and so on, so we don’t end up inside another flight also leaving at 1:45 pm to kano because, at that point I might just collapse or have a panic attack.

Finally the officer was done checking I and temi so we both headed straight to our flight.

When we finally found our flight, we got settled in and luckily for me I got the widow seat next to temi’s.

Not long enough all passengers where adressed by a flight attendant on how to secure the seat belt and few minutes later it was time to move.

Being a first timer on the flight I was terrified at first but later on, I eased into the process, whereas the sister seating directly in front of me kept cracking me the hell up.

As soon as the engine started it was show time part two, She held unto the seat and every other thing she could lay her hands on and closed her eyes until the airplane took off and was really up in the sky.

As soon as she felt we were flying smoothly, she let go of her right hand and quietly grabbed a prayer book from her hand luggage and started praying with her two hands glued to the seat and window.

while temi was sleeping i couldnt stop laughing quietly.
I know laughing wasn’t the right thing to do because she was probably dealing with anxiety, i get that but the scene was hilarious plus I deal with anxiety too but her’s girlllllll! Was on another level.
She was awake throughout the flight and so was i .

She had no rest at all, never did she let go of either the seat or window. It was hilarious.

I initially thought I would be knocked out throughout the flight but your girl got herself hooked up for the second time.

Finally, we arrived Murtala Mohammed international airport Lagos and temi was still in wonder land until i decided to wake her up. The flight lasted for approximately fourty five minutes and for me, it was definately a good first experience.

I was super excited to be in Lagos. While our luggages were been off loaded, temi placed a call to her mum informing her we just arrived Lagos and immediately she sent the family driver Ali, to come pick us up.

Ali got to the airport roughly thirty minutes after the call and I was intensely suprised because if you know Lagos, you should know the traffic wahala lagosian deal with on a daily basis despite the massive road network but thankfully that time of the day was an exception. There was no traffic until much later.

While we were on our way to temi’s place, Ali stopped to get a cartoon of noodles and six tins of hotdogs for temi’s mum and after that we headed straight home.

The journey was a long one, temi’s place was about two hours away from the airport. I tried to engage the driver by speaking the small Hausa I learnt but the guy wasn’t having it at all in fact, dude was clearly pissed driving in that traffic. he killed my vibe so I gave up and slept off.

Two seconds later which according to the driver was an hour and fifteen minutes later temi woke me up and when I stepped out of the car, I was standing in this really beautiful and elegantly decorated compound. Even the flowers were classy, every worker was color coded from the gateman to the chef.
Just as I was still obssessing over the gorgeousness of the surronding temi’s mum came out of the house to welcome us.
As she was almost close to where we stood temi bow very low such that her head was at bossom level to greet her mum and immidiately I followed because the western Nigerians are always very particular about greetings and for the flight alone I was ready to lay flat on the floor but i guess the bow was enough because she laughed and said “this igbo girl is now learning Yoruba culture” and we all laughed and went in together.

Just when I taught I was done being amazed for the day, i stepped into the first room which was the sitting room. It had all touches of elegance and royalty, and the television set? The tv set was the size of a mini closet , i had never seen a tv screen that big in my life.

Once I entered the room it felt like I had just arrived Holland, the air was subtle and really chilly. Remembering my history with air condition i was begining to worry i might have an episode.

Staring at the tv set I froze for about 5 seconds and had no idea of what temi was discussing with her mum until temi’s mum decided to ask about our trip and I replied “it was okay ma apart from the delay it was perfect” just as I was still looking for more words to keep the conversation going, i noticed that my extremities were begining to get really cold and I could hardly breathe due to the air conditioner in the room.

But I couldn’t talk about it, i endured it until my eye turned pale red, i knew it was either I tell temi what I was going through or I could really just pass out and that won’t be good one bit.

As soon as I told temi, she went with me to her room and after freshing up we had a good meal to eat.

At about 6:30pm temi’s eldest brother Tobi arrived home from work.So as soon as temi heard the Loud horn from his car she quickly got up from the bed and we both went out to say our greetings.

He worked at a privately owned clinic on the island precisely at ikoyi as one of the resident doctors at that time and boy! he was fine!

He was really tall, good looking, an obvious member of the beard gang and deserved to be an excutive member of the fresh boys association, and he also has a good job that pays well.
This dude was a certified Yoruba demon.

While we were in school, temi would go on and on about this guy and at some point I felt she was making up stories. But seeing him made me realise she wasn’t lieing one bit.

According to temi he was the coolest of all her siblings and I could actually see that irrespective of the fact that I hadn’t seen the other boys but nothing could possibly top this. He was the kind of guy I thought existed only on instagram.
He was temi’s favorite.

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